Meeting September 10, 2016 – Project for End of Beaver Dam Road


Post Morrow Estate, 16 Bay Road, Brookhaven Hamlet
10 am Saturday, 9/10/2016

The Town of Brookhaven Needs Your Input on Improvements to the End of Beaver Dam Road, by Squassux Landing.

Some items to be discussed:

  • Prevent run off into the river
  • Remove invasive plants
  • Install plantings that are appropriate (native plants, drought resistant, water filtering if needed, etc.)
  • Continue adequate trash removal and maintenance by the Town (parks dept)
  • Educate people about the ecosystem and conservation of the area
  • Engage people in keeping the area clean and safe
  • Make the area safe and inviting for families
  • Don’t add any parking spaces
  • Future Kayak ramp
  • Night sky sensitive lighting
  • And any other issues the community deems important

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