Squassux Landing

photo by Chris Marshall
photo by Chris Marshall

All boaters and ramp users must be paying members of the BVA. Dues are $15 annually.
Dock spaces are dependent on availability. Residents are given preference over non-residents.
Please contact the dockmaster, Andy Rubin, at 631-521-4411 to request availability information. Click here to email dockmaster.
If a space is available, have a legible photocopy of your current boater registration. In must be in your name with your proper address. You will be sent a boater’s contract (Rules and Regulations detailed below) outlining your responsibilities which must be read and signed. Return the copy of the registration and the signed boater’s contract along with payment as per the rates detailed below:

Rates 2017

Resident Boater:
$25 per foot, determined by valid NYS registration
Additional keys-$5 each
Second boat permitted seasonally if slip is available

Non-Resident Boater:
$50 per foot, determined by valid NYS registration
Additional keys-$5 each
No second boat permitted

Winter Rentals:
No electricity, water, or security during the winter
Residents-$200 Nonresidents-$275

Ramp Usage:
Resident boat ramp Seasonal fee- $65 includes membership
Residents without a dock space- single launching or hauling-$20 per use

General Resident (non-boater)
Gate key: $10 per key
Resident Members key holders must follow all Squassux Landing Rules as set forth below:

Rules and Regulations

1. Boating Season

a. Summer Season April 15th – November 15th

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BVA membership is required of all boat slip lessees. Rental for each boat space will be in
accordance with the resident and non-resident fee schedules established by the Board of Management
and payable in full to the Treasurer on or before March 1, 2017. Any member who has not paid for
the boat slip by that date will receive a cancellation notice. If payment in full is not received
within 15 days after the cancellation notice the boat slip shall be considered vacant and available
to other boating members on the waiting list. Electricity, lighting, and water service will
terminate on or before November 15th, depending on weather conditions. Guard service will end on
October 31st. All boats must be removed by this date in order to install the ice-eating system. The
gate and launching ramp will be locked for the winter season.

Winter Season – November 16th to April 15th
A limited number of boat slips are available for the winter season. The canal and ramp are closed
in winter to protect ice eaters and access to the landing is on foot only. Vehicles must be parked
outside the gate. Submit the Boat Slip Registration and Rules form with rental fees to the
Dockmaster by December 16th. Rental for each winter boat slip on the river will be in accordance
with the resident and non-resident fee schedules established by the Board of Management.

2. The Brookhaven Area
For purposes of determining resident status, the Brookhaven area shall be that area detailed in the
Bylaws of the Brookhaven Village Association and defined in the following manner: Beginning at the
mouth of Carmans River running northerly along the west shore to Little Neck Run, thence running
northwesterly following the path of the west shore of this stream to the railroad track, thence
running easterly to the east side of Old Barto Road, to the north side of Montauk Highway and
thence running westerly to the east side of Yaphank Ave. to the south side of the S. Service Rd. to
the west side of Old Town Rd., thence directly across to the south side of Montauk Highway to the
west side of Arthur Ave. to the north side of Beaver Dam Road to the west side of Belleview Ave.,
to the east side of Bellhaven Rd. to the Great South Bay, thence easterly along the north shore of
the Great South Bay to the mouth of the Carmans River.

3. Squassux Landing Committee
The Board of Management shall appoint a Squassux Landing Committee. It shall also, at the
Committee’s recommendation, appoint a Dockmaster who is in charge of the Landing. Any issue lessees
may have with a boat slip should be addressed with the Dockmaster. The Dockmaster will be
responsible to the Squassux Committee. All financial disbursements for maintenance and repair shall
have the prior consent of this Committee. All major expenditures shall have approval of the Board
of Management.

4. Lock & Keys
Members must lock gate upon entering and exiting the marina during all times when security guards
are not on duty. If a member finds the gate or ramp unlocked, he/she should lock it. The boat ramp
should always be locked after launching and removing boats from the marina.

5. Boat Slip Assignments and Dock Repair
Boat slips are seasonally leased assignments to BVA members in good standing. Hamlet residents will
have priority over non-resident members. All boat slips are assigned a number.
Leasing of boat slips and placement of vessels is at the discretion of the Dockmaster. Boat slip
assignments are NON-TRANSFERABLE and cannot be subleased to another person. Any change of a
registered boat slip location requires prior approval from the Dockmaster. If there is a vessel in
your slip, please contact the Dockmaster. Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to board or
move another person’s vessel. Any change of rental fee will be prorated from date of change and due
before the new boat is launched.

Docks shall be constructed and repairs made by a designee of the Squassux Committee with the
approval of the Board of Management. The Dockmaster will maintain a resident and non- resident
waiting list for boat slips. Anyone wishing to be on the waiting list must contact the Dockmaster.

6. Restrictions on Watercraft
The following types of watercraft may not be launched or moored at the landing:
• Any watercraft over 36 feet long
• Jet-powered personal watercraft (PWCs)
• Houseboats

7. Canoes and Kayaks
BVA members are able to launch kayaks and canoes from the boat ramp in the main canal. To access
the ramp members must purchase a key each year. Launching over the bank is absolutely not allowed
under any circumstance.

8. Boat Ownership and Registration
The lessee of a boat slip must be the registered owner of the boat using the assigned boat slip. It
is his/her responsibility to register the boat and submit a copy of the Boat Slip Registration and
Boater Rules form to the Dockmaster with the annual application.

9. Vacant Boat Slips
Boat slips are the property of the BVA, not member lessees. Boaters who wish to launch their boat
after July 1st must contact the Dockmaster to confirm their slip assignment. The BVA reserves the
right to sublet any leased vacant slip after July 1st to accommodate members on the waiting list.
Please check your slip before launching and contact the Dockmaster if there is a vessel in your

10. Temporary Boat Slips
Under no circumstances are members permitted to move or board a boat that is not theirs, even if
the boat is in their rented slip. If you find someone else’s boat in your slip, you are to contact
the Dockmaster immediately. Dock your boat at the west end of the long launching ramp dock until
the other boat can be moved.

11. Abandoned Boats Any boat that is abandoned (shall be considered so whether sunk or pulled out
on the bank and/or if payment for the boat slip is in arrears) will be moved or otherwise disposed
of by the Association in whatever practical way possible, and the cost thereof will be charged to
the owner.

12. Parking of Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Storage
Parking of motor vehicles on Squassux Landing property shall be confined to the parking areas
nearest the lessee’s boat slip. Lessees with slips on the Carman’s river must park on the side of
the road away from the river. Vehicles shall be parked so as not to interfere with the normal or
safe flow of traffic or access to the boat slip of another boater. One motor vehicle is able to
park near a member boat slip. Guest vehicles are to park in the open parking area near the boat
launch ramp, but not in the trailer parking area to the east of the main gate.

Boat trailers or boats on trailers are not to be stored at the marina overnight. Storage boxes or
other equipment are not to be left unattended on any dock.

13. Crabbing and Fishing
Crabbing and fishing are permitted by lessees from their own boat and assigned boat slip only.
Children must be accompanied by a parent and must wear a personal flotation device.

14. Electrical and Water Services
Minimal electrical and water services are provided for temporary and intermittent use only. No
long-term or permanent connections are permitted. Users are responsible for observing all normal
and prudent safety precautions.

15. Boat Painting/Hull Cleaning
Boats are not to be painted anywhere on the marina property, whether on land or in the water. Also,
antifouling paint must never be applied, washed, cleaned or brushed from hulls of boats while at
the marina.

16. River and Canal Banks
Boats may not be hauled up on nor launched from or over the embankments for any reason. All plants
and foliage must also be protected. Plants and shrubs are to be left unmolested. Plant clearing
chemicals such as Round-up are strictly prohibited.

17. Security of Boats
Boats are to be made fast to a dock or stakes so as not to cause damage to adjoining boats or
docks. Tires may not be used as bumpers. Only one boat per boat slip is permitted. Boaters are
urged to lock up valuables or remove them from their boats.

18. Change of Boat Ownership
The Dockmaster must be notified immediately if you change boats during the boating season. If you
sell your boat, you are responsible for ensuring that it is removed from your slip. If you purchase
a larger boat, the Dockmaster must be notified first to determine if a properly sized boat slip is

19. Behavior
Member lessees and their guests are expected to conduct themselves with civility and in compliance
with the rules. No fighting, abusive language or aggressive conduct will be tolerated. The
Dockmaster is charged by the Board of Management with enforcing the regulations and keeping the
property a safe and pleasant place to visit. You are requested to respect his authority, and to
treat him with civility. This also applies to the guards on duty and other BVA members. Please
remember that when you are requested to slow down, close the gate, or use your key to drive onto
the property, this is in keeping with the rules and regulations. If you should experience any
problem during a visit that you are not able to settle with the Dockmaster, we request that you
contact a BVA board member or write the BVA (www.brookhavenvillageassociation.org) and explain your
position. We will make every effort to resolve all issues satisfactorily and expediently. Members
and their guests are strongly encouraged to disclose any witnessed misconduct or behavior to the

20. Failure to Comply with Regulations
Failure of any member lessee or their guests to comply with any of the above regulations or if
inappropriate activity on landing premises or member property is discovered, the BVA Board of
Management reserves the right to revoke or temporarily suspend lessee boat slip and membership. If
a lessee is suspended, seniority, slip assignments and seasonal fees are likewise revoked.

21. Car and Boat Speed Limits
Lessees and guests are expected to operate boats at no more than 5 miles per hour anywhere within
the marina or in the river north of the 5 mph buoy. The owner and operator are responsible for any
damage caused by the wake of their boats. Likewise, vehicles driven on marina property must not
exceed 5 mph.

22. Dockmaster Contact Information
Andy Rubin, Dockmaster, may be reached at 631-521-4411. Please call him regarding any Squassux
Landing questions you may have.