Spring Litter Cleanup

Join the BVA Quality of Life Committee and your neighbors in cleaning the hamlet. The Spring Litter Cleanup has been scheduled for April 30, 2017 @ 10am.

Meet at Brookhaven Fire Dept.   Supplies provided.

Annual Boater’s Meeting 1/18/2017

The year has just started and the Squassux committee has been busy preparing for the new season.  Boater’s invoices should be out in the mail sometime around 1/15.  The annual boater’s meeting is 1/18/17, 7:30pm at the St James Parish Hall.  Hope to see you there.

End of Boating Season

We are approaching the end of another boating season. Security services will be ending on October 31, 2016. Please remember to secure the gate when entering and leaving Squassux. The official end of the boating season is November 15th. Boats should be removed from Squassux by that date in preparation for installation of the ice-eaters. The gate and ramp locks will be changed when the ice-eaters are installed. Please contact Andy Rubin, 631-521-4411 with any questions or concerns.

Fall Litter Cleanup

Join the BVA Quality of Life Committee and your neighbors in cleaning the hamlet. The Fall Litter Cleanup has been scheduled for October 30, 2016 @ 10am.

Meet at Brookhaven Fire Dept.   Supplies provided.

Meeting September 10, 2016 – Project for End of Beaver Dam Road


Post Morrow Estate, 16 Bay Road, Brookhaven Hamlet
10 am Saturday, 9/10/2016

The Town of Brookhaven Needs Your Input on Improvements to the End of Beaver Dam Road, by Squassux Landing.

Some items to be discussed:

  • Prevent run off into the river
  • Remove invasive plants
  • Install plantings that are appropriate (native plants, drought resistant, water filtering if needed, etc.)
  • Continue adequate trash removal and maintenance by the Town (parks dept)
  • Educate people about the ecosystem and conservation of the area
  • Engage people in keeping the area clean and safe
  • Make the area safe and inviting for families
  • Don’t add any parking spaces
  • Future Kayak ramp
  • Night sky sensitive lighting
  • And any other issues the community deems important

Click here for more information.

Hamlet News Flash

There has been a rash of car break-ins in the Hamlet. Locations along South Country Road, Fireplace Neck and Chapel have been reported.  Car windows have been smashed to gain access to items in the cars.  Pocketbooks, cell phones and other items have been reported stolen.

Please be alert in your neighborhood and report any suspicious activity.  And always lock your car and do not leave valuables in plain sight.

Theft at Squassux Landing

A sailboat docked on the river at Squassux Landing had its 10 hp auxiliary engine stolen between 7/17 and 7/19.  While thefts at Squassux are few, they do occur occasionally and serve as a reminder to always secure valuables that are left on your boat and if possible, keep them out of site.

Also, when the guard is not on duty, please lock the gate when entering or exiting Squassux.